Artist Biography
Kami Catherman
The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation
Kami Catherman started as a self taught artist. She now holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and
Animation, from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Was a finalist in Baterbys Art Gallery 2012 artist Olympic
competition in Orlando, FL. A participating artist in the event "Art Takes Time Square." Where her art was
displayed on a 9' x12' screen in New York City. Several years in a row has placed 1st and 2nd South Lake Art
League’s photo contest.
From an early age she loved to draw and would draw animals of all kinds for friends and family. Growing up
watching Disney, she was influenced by the art. As her love for Art grew, she decided to become an Art Major in
High School. From there she was able to explore different arenas in art. She branched out by taking 2yrs of
Black and White film photography in high school, and won many awards and acclaims. Eventually, she had
decided to enter college were she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Animation. Expanding
her knowledge and skill for the different mediums used in art. Her work includes digital artwork, photography,
drawings and paintings.